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Question 1: The former Crown colony of Hong Kong has became a ________ since the British Nationality Act 1981 and has been referred as "territory" until the present.
BermudaBritish overseas territoriesUnited KingdomEngland

Question 2: ________
List of special entities recognized by international treaty or agreementList of sovereign statesDenmarkNorway

Question 3: or alternatively, a administrative district established by a central nation-state as with the Bundesländer of ________ (which are now a federation),
AustriaHungaryPolandCzech Republic

Question 4: or the subnational entities constituting a unitary state such as ________.
United KingdomItalyFranceCanada

Question 5: The 14 overseas territories and three ________ of the United Kingdom
EnglandCrown DependenciesNorthern IrelandScotland

Question 6: The district of the ________ Council is termed the Chatham Islands Territory, although it is in all legal senses an integral part of New Zealand.
DunedinChatham IslandsChristchurchAuckland

Question 7: The same distinction applies between ________.
Australian court hierarchyStates and territories of AustraliaConstitution of AustraliaParliament of Australia

Question 8: For example, ________, Guam and Puerto Rico are all territories of the government of the United States with varying local autonomy.
HawaiiUnited States Virgin IslandsAmerican SamoaNorthern Mariana Islands

Question 9: For example, the territory of Kashmir is claimed by both the governments of ________ and Pakistan.
IndiaResearch and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 10: An example of an occupied territory is Iraq after the American invasion of 2003, Afghanistan by the Soviet Union between 1979 and 1989, Germany after World War II or ________ after 1999.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaAlbaniaKosovo


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