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Territorial dispute: Quiz


Question 1: The term border dispute applies only to the many cases where a limit territory bordering more than one state (including an ________ in one state, e.g.
Right- and left-hand trafficEnclave and exclaveVatican CityUnited States

Question 2:
  • Since the latter part of the 20th century, the term "occupied territories" has, in some contexts, come to refer specifically to the West Bank and ________, whose status is hotly disputed.
    Gaza StripGaza–Israel conflictIsraelPalestinian National Authority

Question 3: See List of territorial disputes and ________.
List of active autonomist and secessionist movementsList of sovereign statesEncyclopedia of the Stateless NationsLists of ethnic groups

Question 4: The term ________ (see that article) applies to those border disputes and other territorial claims that one party justifies on the basis of former cultural or ethnic attachment.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaIrredentismTurkeySyria

Question 5: These disputes are often related to the possession of natural resources such as rivers, fertile farmland, mineral or oil resources, although the disputes can also be driven by ________, religion and ethnic nationalism.
CultureSlaveryFamilyHuman rights

Question 6: ________) is claimed by two or more, not the very existence of a whole state challenged (e.g.
NakhchivanNagorno-KarabakhNagorno-Karabakh WarNagorno-Karabakh Republic

Question 7: the ________, which the People's Republic of China regards as a defunct and illegitimate entity, with its current jurisdiction of Taiwan claimed by the PRC as its 23rd province).
VietnamRepublic of ChinaPhilippinesPapua New Guinea


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