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Terrestrial: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a specialist walkie talkie standard used by police departments, fire departments, ambulance services and the military
Terrestrial Trunked RadioTETRAPOLIntegrated Digital Enhanced NetworkEDACS

Question 2: Terrestrial refers to things related to the land or the ________.

Question 3: ________, television signals received through a conventional aerial
Terrestrial televisionSatellite televisionBroadcast television systemsATSC (standards)

Question 4: These planets go from Mercury to ________.
Water on MarsPhobos (moon)Deimos (moon)Mars

Question 5: ________, a planet that is primarily composed of silicate rocks.
Extrasolar planetSolar SystemGas giantTerrestrial planet

Question 6: Terrestrial radio, radio signals received through a conventional aerial, as opposed to ________
Digital radioXM Satellite RadioSirius Satellite RadioSatellite radio

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