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Terradive: Quiz


Question 1: Terradive is the name to three fictional characters in the ________.
Optimus Prime (Transformers)The Transformers (TV series)Transformers (comics)Transformers

Question 2: In the Japanese series, several members shares their name with a G1 Aerialbot - Terradive's name is ________.
ParaglidingParachutingWingsuit flyingHang gliding

Question 3: Ten years after the first Terradive, the name was used again, this time for a ________.
Transformers: UniverseTransformers: The Movie toy lineMini-ConBotCon

Question 4: Terradive was a minor background character appearing in ________ fiction "Gone to Far", a text-based story set on Transtech Cybertron.
Transformers: TimelinesIronhideRodimusJazz (Transformers)

Question 5: The first Universe Terradive appears as one of the Mini-Con partners of Ramjet in Balancing Act by ________.
RodimusIronhideTransformers: TimelinesJazz (Transformers)

Question 6: Terradive could transform into a ________ jet and also a weapon mode that resembled a three-pronged claw.
SR-71 BlackbirdLockheed XB-30P-2 NeptuneLockheed Ventura


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