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Question 1: Each clan maintains its own military forces, consisting of soldiers using PBAs ('Powered Battle Armour', see ________).
Powered exoskeletonStarship TroopersFuture Force WarriorDominant Species (novel)

Question 2: The game's plot is science fiction, in which humanity has colonized the ________ star system as a means of escaping the Solar System's totalitarian government.
Gamma CentauriEta CentauriAlpha CentauriTheta Centauri

Question 3: Only the colonies of ________'s moons and space stations were able to hold out for long enough that a diplomatic settlement was reached with the Hegemony.
Callisto (moon)Io (moon)Ganymede (moon)Jupiter

Question 4: Despite being acclaimed by critics and reviewers, the game was a commercial flop and a contributing factor to Looking Glass' financial crisis and eventual shutdown in ________.

Question 5: Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri is a tactical first-person shooter ________ developed by Looking Glass Studios and self-published in 1996.
Video gamePersonal computer gameVideo game genresAudio game

Question 6: An earlier version of the system was previously used to model the player's movement in ________ [1].
System Shock 2Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssSystem ShockThief: The Dark Project

Question 7: Terra Nova is set in the year 2327 in the ________ star system.
Gamma CentauriTheta CentauriAlpha CentauriEta Centauri

Question 8: Terra Nova on ________'s "The Best Games You Never Played"


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