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Ternary numeral system: Quiz


Question 1: Some ternary computers such as the Setun defined a tryte to be 6 trits, analogous to the binary ________.
Integer (computer science)Pointer (computing)ByteBit

Question 2: Analogous to a ________, a ternary digit is a trit (trinary digit).
Character (computing)Record (computer science)BitByte

Question 3: However, they are still far less compact than the corresponding representations in bases such as ________ — see below for a compact way to codify ternary using nonary and septemvigesimal.
DecimalArabic numeralsDuodecimalPositional notation

Question 4: Ternary numbers can be used to convey self-similar structures like a Sierpinski Triangle or a ________ conveniently.
TopologyCompact spaceCantor setMetric space

Question 5: Ternary or trinary is the base-3 ________.
DecimalNumeral systemPositional notationNumber names

Question 6: Additionally, it turns out that the ternary representation is useful for defining the ________ and related point sets, because of the way the Cantor set is constructed.
Compact spaceCantor setTopologyMetric space

Question 7: Representations of ________ in ternary do not get uncomfortably lengthy as quickly as in binary.
Field (mathematics)Rational numberNatural numberInteger

Question 8: A base-three system is used in ________ to keep track of counting Tasbih to 99 or to 100 on a single hand for counting prayers (as alternative for the Misbaha).
MosqueIslamic schools and branchesMuslim historyIslam

Question 9: Nonary (base 9, each digit is two ternary digits) or septemvigesimal (base 27, each digit is three ternary digits) is often used, similar to how octal and ________ systems are used in place of binary.
DuodecimalRoman numeralsHexadecimalHebrew numerals

Question 10: A rare "ternary point" is used to denote fractional parts of an inning in ________.
BaseballSoftballTown ballBaseball awards


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