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Ternary logic: Quiz


Question 1: This article mainly illustrates a system of ternary propositional logic using the truth values {false, unknown, and true}, and extends conventional boolean ________ to a trivalent context.
Propositional calculusFirst-order logicLogical connectiveTruth table

Question 2: Many hardware description language (HDL) simulation tools, such as Verilog and ________, support an unknown value like that shown above during simulation of digital electronics.
Field-programmable gate arrayApplication-specific integrated circuitRegister transfer levelVHDL

Question 3: ________ theory supports four distinct logic values (as defined in VHDL's std_logic):
Digital electronicsComputerLogic gateIntegrated circuit

Question 4: However, there are useful applications in fuzzy logic and ________, and several true ternary logic devices have been manufactured (see external links).
Cyclic redundancy checkReed–Solomon error correctionForward error correctionError detection and correction

Question 5: This is contrasted with the more commonly known bivalent logics (such as ________) which provide only for true and false.
Boolean logicBoolean algebra (logic)Digital electronicsTruth table

Question 6: The database structural query language ________ implements ternary logic as a means of handling NULL field content.
IBM DB2Microsoft SQL ServerOracle DatabaseSQL

Question 7: These were then re-formulated by ________ in an axiomatic algebraic form, and also extended to n-valued logics in 1945.
Grigore MoisilGheorghe VrânceanuDimitrie PompeiuGheorghe Ţiţeica

Question 8: ________ - a Bolivian language famous for using ternary rather than binary logic [8]
Aymara languageEnglish languageDutch languageQuechua

Question 9: Disconnected inputs on CMOS devices can pick up noise, they can cause ________, the supply current may dramatically increase (crowbar power) or the device may completely destroy itself.
Harmonic oscillatorOscillationElectronic oscillatorVibration

Question 10: This is especially common in state machine design and ________ simplification.
Boolean algebra (logic)Quine–McCluskey algorithmKarnaugh mapBoolean logic


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