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Terma (Buddhism): Quiz


Question 1: It has antecedents in India and cultural resonances in ________ Vaishnavism as well.
RamaHinduHinduismHinduism in India

Question 2: At the time of terma concealment, a ________ is generally made concerning the circumstances in which the teaching will be re-accessed.

Question 3: Out of this activity developed, especially within the Nyingma tradition, two ways of ________: The so called "long oral transmission" from teacher to student in unbroken disciplic lineages and the "short transmission" of terma.
ZenInkaBuddhismDharma transmission

Question 4: One of the most famous terma known throughout the world is a text popularly (but incorrectly) known as the ________.
Bardo ThodolNyingmaYeshe TsogyalKagyu

Question 5: The Vaishnava saint ________ is said to have rediscovered a fragment of the Brahma Samhita in a trance state of devotional ecstacy.
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaSvayam BhagavanChaitanya MahaprabhuBhaktivinoda Thakur

Question 6: Once this has occurred, the tertön holds the complete teaching in mind and is required by convention to transcribe the terma twice from ________ (if of textual nature) in one uninterrupted session.
MemoryNeuropsychologyKC (patient)Cognitive psychology

Question 7: Dudjom Tersar encompasses all the terma revelations of Dudjom Lingpa and ________.
PadmasambhavaTibetan BuddhismDudjom RinpocheNyingma

Question 8: ________, pure-land termas (Pureland Buddhism in Tibet)
Guan YinPure Land BuddhismBodhidharmaXuanzang

Question 9: The example of ________ is often cited; the Prajnaparamita teachings are traditionally said to have been conferred on Nagarjuna by the King of the nāgas, who had been guarding them at the bottom of a lake.
NagarjunaVasubandhuAtishaTibetan Buddhism

Question 10: Terma have been relayed by nāga and the dakini, of the underworld and the heavens respectively, and have also been hidden by teachers such as the great translator ________.


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