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Terengganu: Quiz


Question 1: Under the influence of Srivijaya, Terengganu traded extensively with the Majapahit Empire, the ________ and especially the Chinese.
Khmer EmpireCambodiaAngkor WatAngkor

Question 2: Budu, a very pungent and salty ________ sauce is also popular among the locals.
Rainbow troutCatfishOrange roughyAnchovy

Question 3: Like other Malay states, Terengganu practiced a ________Buddhist culture combined with animist traditional beliefs for hundreds of years before the arrival of Islam.

Question 4: The terms of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909 saw power over Terengganu transferred from Siam to ________.
United KingdomGreat BritainScotlandEngland

Question 5: The people of Terengganu have always had a reputation for being socially conservative and devout ________.

Question 6: One theory attributes the name's origin to terang ganu, Malay for 'bright ________'.
OpticsRainbowAlhazenPhysics in medieval Islam

Question 7: Tourism and fishing are also major industries in Terengganu, a state with a long ________.
CoastEstuaryBeachCoral reef

Question 8: Another Terengganu specialty is ________, a type of otak-otak or fish cake wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over a grill.
Parallel ATAIEEE 1394 interfaceSerial attached SCSISerial ATA

Question 9: However, in the 2004 General Elections, Terengganu was recaptured by the ________.
Barisan NasionalPakatan RakyatDemocratic Action PartyParti Keadilan Rakyat

Question 10: Laksam (or laksang in local Malay dialect), a modified version of ________ is made from rice flour (thick and soft slices).
RojakChar kway teowNasi lemakLaksa


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