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Teratoma: Quiz


Question 1: Given the current world population ________, this equals 5 per day or 1800 per year.
AbortionFamily planningBirth controlBirth rate

Question 2: adrenal cortex (Adrenocortical adenoma, ________)
Adrenocortical carcinomaInsulinomaGlucagonomaMultiple endocrine neoplasia

Question 3: The most commonly diagnosed fetal teratomas are ________ (Altman types I, II, and III) and cervical (neck) teratoma.
Sacrococcygeal teratomaDysplasiaNeoplasmHyperplasia

Question 4: Skin may surround a cyst and grow abundant ________ (see Dermoid cyst).
Human skinAbdominal hairHairBreast

Question 5: Regardless of location in the body, a teratoma is classified according to a ________ system.
Cancer stagingMetastasisHead and neck cancerRadiation therapy

Question 6: As of 2007, there have been two ________ in progress that address germ cell tumors, both of which include teratomas.
Medical researchPlacebo-controlled studyClinical trialClinical trial protocol

Question 7: A struma ovarii (literally: ________ of the ovary) is a rare form of mature teratoma that contains mostly thyroid tissue.
GoitreHyperthyroidismGraves' diseaseHypopituitarism

Question 8: These rare forms of teratoma with malignant transformation may contain elements of somatic (non germ cell) malignancy such as ________, carcinoma or sarcoma.
Leukemoid reactionHematological malignancyAcute biphenotypic leukaemiaLeukemia

Question 9: Some teratomas secrete thyroxine, in some cases to such a degree that it can lead to clinical ________ in the patient.
HashitoxicosisHypopituitarismGraves' diseaseHyperthyroidism

Question 10: [18][19] ________ has been found in a mature cystic teratoma at the time of initial surgery.
Benign fibrous histiocytomaSquamous cell carcinomaBasal cell carcinomaMelanoma

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