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Terahertz radiation: Quiz


Question 1: Some frequencies of terahertz radiation can be used for ________ of teeth and may be more accurate and safer than conventional X-ray imaging in dentistry.
HolographyStereoscopy3D displayAutostereoscopy

Question 2: This excitement, along with the associated coining of the term "T-rays", even showed up in a contemporary novel by ________.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixThe Hunt for Red October (video game)Tom ClancyRainbow Six (novel)

Question 3:
  • Potential uses exist in high-altitude telecommunications, above altitudes where water vapor causes signal absorption: ________ to satellite, or satellite to satellite.
    Double-deck aircraftBusiness jetWide-body aircraftAircraft

Question 4: Terahertz radiation can also detect differences in water content and ________ of a tissue.

Question 5:
  • ________ in terahertz radiation could provide novel information in chemistry and biochemistry.
    Analytical chemistryAtomic absorption spectroscopyAtomic emission spectroscopySpectroscopy

Question 6: Such methods could allow effective detection of epithelial ________ with a safer and less invasive or painful system using imaging.

Question 7: These generally exploit the traits of ________ and cardboard being transparent to terahertz radiation, making it possible to inspect packaged goods.
Polyvinyl chloridePlasticPolycarbonatePolystyrene

Question 8:
  • Many possible uses of terahertz sensing and imaging are proposed in ________, quality control, and process monitoring.

Question 9: In physics, terahertz radiation refers to ________ sent at frequencies in the terahertz range.
ElectromagnetismClassical electromagnetismElectromagnetic radiationMaxwell's equations

Question 10: Like ________ or microwaves, these waves usually travel in line of sight.
Electromagnetic spectrumInfraredUltravioletX-ray

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