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Tenth of Tevet: Quiz


Question 1: The fast can occur on a Friday resulting in the unusual event of a Torah and ________ reading at the Mincha service right before Shabbos.
HaftarahTorah readingKiddush LevanaJewish services

Question 2: Because it is a minor fast day, ________ exempts from fasting those who are ill, even if their illnesses are not life threatening, and pregnant and nursing women who find fasting difficult.
Hasidic JudaismHalakhaHaredi JudaismOrthodox Judaism

Question 3: However, various rabbinical sources see this event as a tragedy, a debasement of the divine nature of the ________, and a subversion of its spiritual qualities.

Question 4: Ezra the Scribe, the great leader who brought some Jews back to the ________ from the Babylonian exile and who ushered in the era of the Second Temple, died on the ninth of Tevet.
JesusHoly LandJerusalemPalestine

Question 5: A Torah reading, a special prayer in the ________ (Aneinu), and (in many communities) the Avinu Malkeinu prayer are added at both Shacharis and Mincha services (unless the fast falls on Friday, when Tachanun and Avinu Malkeinu are not said at Mincha).
Yom KippurAmidahJudaismJewish services

Question 6: Whether the 10th of Tevet falls 7 or 8 days after Hanukkah depends on whether the preceding month of ________ has 29 or 30 days in the relevant year.
KislevAdarJewish holidayIyar

Question 7: [8] To some religious Jews, this day is preferable as a remembrance day to Yom HaShoah, since the latter occurs in the month of ________, in which mourning was traditionally prohibited.

Question 8: The day has no relationship to ________, but it happens to follow that festival by a week.
Rosh HashanahHanukkahPassoverYom Kippur

Question 9: The Chief Rabbinate of Israel chose to observe the Tenth of Teves as a "general kaddish day" for the victims of the ________, many of whom lack identifiable yahrtzeits (anniversaries of their deaths).
Holocaust (resources)AntisemitismThe HolocaustResponsibility for the Holocaust

Question 10: Although this fast is considered a minor fast, it has an additional theoretical stringency not shared by any other fast except ________, namely that if the Tenth of Teves were to fall out on a Shabbos, then this fast would actually be observed on Shabbos.
Jewish holidayJewish servicesShabbatYom Kippur


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