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Tentacle: Quiz


Question 1: The tentacles then secrete ________ to dissolve and digest the insect.
Enzyme inhibitorEnzymeCofactor (biochemistry)Protein

Question 2: Many species of the jellyfishlike ________ have two tentacles, while some have none.

Question 3: Pulmonate land snails usually have two sets of tentacles on the head: the upper pair have an eye at the end; the lower pair are for ________.
Olfactory receptorOlfactionSensory systemOlfactory system

Question 4: The tentacles of the Giant Squid and ________ are particularly formidable, having powerful suckers and pointed teeth at the ends.
Patagonian toothfishCephalopodAlbatrossColossal Squid

Question 5: The ________ have two tentacles at their heads, which are probably used for smell.

Question 6: In ________, tentacles refer to the stalked glands of the upper surface of the leaves.
Venus FlytrapCarnivorous plantSarraceniaDrosera

Question 7: They have far less elaborate tentacles than the ________.

Question 8: Some marine snails such as the ________ and the top snails, Trochidae have numerous small tentacles around the edge of the mantle.

Question 9: ________, which include among others the jellyfishes, are another phylum with many tentacled specimens.

Question 10: The ________ of giraffes (about 45 centimetres (18 in) [1] are certainly long enough to be tentacles.
DigestionHuman pharynxSensory systemTongue

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