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Tenor saxophone: Quiz


Question 1: The tenor saxophone, like all saxes, is in essence an approximately conical tube of thin metal, usually ________.

Question 2:
What mountain range is Tenor saxophone a part of?
Chau00EEne des Puys region of Massif Central
In B: sounds a major ninth lower than written.
Effective ceiling 16,000 m
100 to 200 m sight adjustments

Question 3: The tenor is pitched in the key of B, and written as a ________ in the treble clef, sounding a major ninth lower than the written pitch.
Ledger lineTrill (music)Modern musical symbolsTransposing instrument

Question 4: The tenor sax reed is similar in size to that used in the ________, so the two can be easily substituted.
Bass clarinetBasset hornClarinet concertoClarinet choir

Question 5: The tenor saxophone is used in many different types of ensembles, including concert bands, ________ jazz ensembles, small jazz ensembles, and marching bands.
DixielandBig bandBebopSwing music

Question 6: The strong resonant sound of Hawkins and his followers always in contrast with the light, almost jaunty approach of ________ and his school.
Artie ShawBenny GoodmanWoody HermanLester Young

Question 7: After the war disused former military band instruments found their way into the hands of the general public, where they were often used to play ________ and jazz.
Southern GospelGospel musicUrban contemporary gospelProgressive Southern gospel

Question 8: The tenor is common in ________ music and has a part to play in rock and roll and more recent rock music as well as Afro-American, Latin American, Afro-Caribbean, and African music.
Rhythm and bluesSoul musicDoo-wopJazz

Question 9: The mouthpiece is the area of the saxophone with the greatest flexibility in shape and style, so the ________ of the instrument is primarily determined by the material and dimensions of its mouthpiece.
OperaColoraturaChest voiceTimbre

Question 10: It was the pioneering genius of ________ in the 1930s which lifted the tenor saxophone from its traditional role of adding weight to the ensemble and established it as a highly-effective melody instrument in its own right.
Coleman HawkinsJazzDizzy GillespieBebop


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