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Question 1: ________ played a tenor guitar for much of his early work as Songs: Ohia.
The LionessDidn't It RainMagnolia Electric Co. (album)Jason Molina

Question 2: Later, ________ electric models were also produced.
GuitarElectric guitarBass guitarSolid body

Question 3: Wes Borland from ________ plays tenor guitar in song Nookie.
Limp BizkitFred DurstLimp Bizkit discographyResults May Vary

Question 4: "Big" Mike McKendrick both managed and played with ________ bands while "Little" Mike McKendrick played with various bands, including Tony Parenti.
Count BasieLouis ArmstrongJazzDuke Ellington

Question 5: Modern players of the tenor guitar include Neko Case, Josh Rouse, Adam Gnade, ________, Carrie Rodriguez, and Joe Craven.
Ani DiFrancoTo the TeethLittle Plastic CastleEvolve (album)

Question 6: Almost all the major guitar makers, including Gibson, Martin, ________, Kay, Gretsch, Guild and National, have manufactured tenor (and plectrum) guitars as production instruments at various times.
John LennonEpiphone CasinoEpiphoneBass guitar

Question 7: ________ plays on a four string custom made electric guitar with four strings with a similar spacing like a bass guitar.
Farm (album)Lou BarlowJ MascisDinosaur Jr.

Question 8: On the video for "Club Date: Elvis Costello & the Imposters Live in Memphis" he is seen playing an orange 1958 ________ Chet Atkins 6120 single cutaway archtop tenor guitar.
Bo DiddleyPete TownshendGretsch 6120Gretsch

Question 9: The Delmore Brothers were one of the original country vocal harmonising sibling acts that established the mold for later similar acts, such as the Louvin Brothers, and even later, the ________.
Neil YoungRockabillyThe Everly BrothersPaul Simon

Question 10: Unfortunately, although the ________ Banjoline was made in quite large numbers, it was not commercially successful.
Electric guitarRickenbacker 360/12Rickenbacker 4001Rickenbacker


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