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Tenebrism: Quiz


Question 1: Tenebrism, from the Italian tenebroso ("murky"), (also called dramatic illumination) is a style of painting where ________, or using violent contrasts of light and dark, becomes a dominating feature.
Old master printCaravaggioPeter Paul RubensChiaroscuro

Question 2: ________ painted three versions of a composition with a boy, a man and a monkey grouped in darkness around a single flame.
El GrecoPaintingWestern paintingCretan School

Question 3: ________, one of the few female artists of the Baroque and a follower of Caravaggio, was also an outstanding exponent of tenebrism.
Artemisia GentileschiItalyNaplesFlorence

Question 4: It is sometimes applied to ________, who painted many images lit by a single candle, and Rembrandt.
Hendrick ter BrugghenGeorges de La TourNancyCaravaggio

Question 5: The term is usually applied to artists from the seventeenth century onwards, although Tintoretto and ________ are sometimes described as tenebrists.
Western paintingCretan SchoolEl GrecoPainting

Question 6: Later, similar compositions were painted by ________ and other artists of the Romantic Movement, but the term is rarely used to characterise their work in general.
EnglandDerby Museum and Art GalleryJoseph PriestleyJoseph Wright of Derby

Question 7: The term is not often used of ________, although he was an important innovator in painting night-scenes with a few lighted areas.
National Gallery (London)Anthony van DyckStrasbourgAdam Elsheimer


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