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Tendai: Quiz


Question 1: For Tendai, the ultimate expression of Dharma is the ________.
Pure Land BuddhismMahayana sutrasLotus SutraZen

Question 2: One of the adaptations by the Tendai school was the introduction of ________ ritual (Mikkyo) into Tendai Buddhism, which was later named Taimitsu by Ennin.
ReligionMysticismEsotericismNew Age

Question 3: Tendai Buddhism has several philosophical insights which allow for the reconciliation of Buddhist doctrine with aspects of Japanese culture such as ________ and traditional aesthetics.
Religion and homosexualityEast Asian religionsShintoReligion

Question 4: However, what Saichō transmitted from China was not exclusively Tiantai, but also included ________ (禅, trad.
ZenBuddhismGuan YinPure Land Buddhism

Question 5: Nichiren, Hōnen, Shinran, and ________—all famous thinkers in non-Tendai schools of Japanese Buddhism—were all initially trained as Tendai monks.
Jōdo ShinshūVajrayanaSōtōDōgen

Question 6: Hiei, became a sprawling center of power, attended not only by ascetic monks, but also by brigades of warrior monks (________) who fought in the temple's interest.
DōgenJōdo ShinshūSōheiHōnen

Question 7: The Tendai sect flourished under the patronage of the imperial family and nobility in Japan, particularly the ________; in 794, the Imperial capital was moved to Kyoto.
Genpei WarSamuraiHeian periodFujiwara clan

Question 8: The origins of Taimitsu are found in China, similar to the lineage that ________ encountered in his visit to China during the Tang Dynasty, and Saicho's disciples were encouraged to study under Kukai.
Shingon BuddhismNichirenKūkaiSaichō

Question 9: 禪), ________ Mikkyō (密教), and Vinaya School (戒律) elements.
EsotericismNew AgeReligionMysticism

Question 10: [2] As a result, Tendai esoteric ritual bears much in common with the explicitly Vajrayana tradition of ________ Buddhist ritual, though the underlying doctrines may differ somewhat.
ShinranShingon BuddhismKūkaiNichiren


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