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Ten Commandments: Quiz


Question 1: But if any shall be found to be judaizers, let them be ________ (excommunicated) from Christ."[58]
PopeEucharistOrthodox ChurchAnathema

Question 2:
When was the Ten Commandments?
11th century
March 2009

Question 3: Despite this purported corruption, messages from the Torah and the ________ still coincide closely with certain verses in the Qur'an.
JesusApostle (Christian)New TestamentGospel

Question 4: [31] Jewish tradition does, however, recognize them as the ideological basis for the rest of the commandments; a number of works (starting with Rabbi ________) have made groupings of the commandments according to their links with the Ten Commandments.
JudaismJewish philosophyKaraite JudaismSaadia Gaon

Question 5: Somewhat analogously, Pentecostalism and the ________ typically emphasizes the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the freedom of the Christian from outward commandments, sometimes in antithesis to the letter of the Law.
Charismatic ChristianityCharismatic MovementChristianityHoliness movement

Question 6: This can be compared to diplomatic treaties of ________, in which a copy was made for each party.
Alexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomNew KingdomAncient Egypt

Question 7:
The right of states to execute criminals is not absolutely forbidden by this commandment. However, other methods of protecting society (________, rehabilitation) are increasingly available and more in keeping with other Christian moral teaching.
DenmarkPrisonUnited States incarceration rateIncarceration

Question 8: "(Roman Catholic - New American Bible) You shall not kill / (Lutheran - ________) You shall not murder"
English Standard VersionNew International VersionNew American Standard BibleToday's New International Version

Question 9: They are recognized as a moral foundation in Judaism, ________ and Islam.
Christian denominationEcumenismBaptistChristianity

Question 10: In addition, the Exodus version constitutes the main Torah reading for the festival of ________.
ShavuotJewish holidayYom KippurPassover

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