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Temporal logic: Quiz


Question 1: Unary operators are ________ whenever B(φ) is well-formed.
First-order logicWell-formed formulaSyntax (logic)Symbol (formal)

Question 2: In ________, the term temporal logic is used to describe any system of rules and symbolism for representing, and reasoning about, propositions qualified in terms of time.

Question 3: It is sometimes also used to refer to tense logic, a particular ________-based system of temporal logic introduced by Arthur Prior in the 1960s.
AristotleModal logicWillard Van Orman QuineSaul Kripke

Question 4: Temporal logic was first studied in depth by ________, whose writings are filled with an early, partially-developed form of first-order temporal modal binary logic.
Bertrand RussellAristotlePlatoEmpiricism

Question 5: Subsequently it has been developed further by ________, notably Amir Pnueli, and logicians.
Software engineeringComputer scienceProgramming paradigmComputer programming


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