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Question 1:
How do you write Temporal lobe in latin?
corpusculum renis
ala ossis sacri
Dioecesis Barrensis de Pirai-Voltaredondensis
lobus temporalis

Question 2:
Temporal lobe is part of the _____ .

Question 3: The superior temporal gyrus includes an area (within the Sylvian fissure) where auditory signals from the cochlea (relayed via several subcortical nuclei) first reach the ________.
Grey matterHuman brainCerebral cortexCerebrum

Question 4:
What artery is in the Temporal lobe?
Middle cerebral and
Anterior cerebral
Anterior choroidal and Posterior cerebral
Middle cerebral

Question 5: The temporal lobe is a region of the ________ that is located beneath the Sylvian fissure on both the left and right hemi hellospheres of the brain.
CerebrumGrey matterHuman brainCerebral cortex

Question 6: It is also important for the processing of ________ in both speech and vision.
PragmaticsFormal semanticsLinguisticsSemantics

Question 7: The temporal lobe is involved in auditory processing and is home to the ________.
ProsencephalonPrimary auditory cortexGrey matterHuman brain

Question 8: The temporal lobe contains the ________ and plays a key role in the formation of long-term memory.
CerebrumDentate gyrusHippocampusCingulate gyrus

Question 9: This part of the cortex (________) is involved in hearing.
Human brainPrimary auditory cortexGrey matterProsencephalon


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