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Temporal Cold War: Quiz


Question 1: Jonathan Archer and T'Pol foil Xindi-Reptilian research on Humans in ________.
Metro DetroitDearborn, MichiganGrosse PointeDetroit

Question 2: Unlike Earth's historical ________, the Temporal Cold War involves countless unknown factions, each with its own agenda.
Vietnam WarCentral Intelligence AgencyCold WarJoseph Stalin

Question 3: The Temporal Cold War is a fictional conflict waged throughout history in the ________ universe, notably during the 22nd century AD.
Star Trek: Deep Space NineStar TrekStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: The Original Series

Question 4: 29th and 31st century United Federation of Planets' ________ temporal agents, represented by Daniels.
Star Trek: Deep Space NineVulcan (Star Trek)StarfleetStar Trek: The Next Generation

Question 5: In an alternate timeline, they went back to their time period and made several alterations to history, causing a "________" paradox.
CosmogonyCausalityCircular cause and consequenceChicken or the egg

Question 6: An unknown temporal agent assassinates Lenin, preventing Russia's Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of ________.
MarxismSocialismCommunist stateCommunism

Question 7: It also derived some dramatic resonance from the historical ________ between the US and Russia which influenced the original Star Trek series.
Central Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarCold WarJoseph Stalin

Question 8: 29th century Na'kuhl faction headed by Vosk across millions of years, notably through 1940s ________
Nazi GermanyAxis powersAdolf HitlerNazism

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