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Question 1:
What role did Zoltán Schmied play in the movie Tempo?
The Conductor
A srác

Question 2:
Who played Cykeltyv & Violinist the movie Tempo?
Szilárd Vass
Zoltán Schmied
Péter Albert
Kasper Gaardsøe

Question 3:
What role did Mehmet Celik play in the movie Tempo?
Jack Ganzer
The Musician
Taxichauffør & Oboist

Question 4:
Who played Hotel Piccolo the movie Tempo?
Carlo d'Orlando
János Gyuriska
Péter Albert
Jan Melchor

Question 5:
Who played Kvinde i Taxi & Pianist the movie Tempo?
Melanie Griffith
Angela Stefanics
Katrine Gislinge
Rachael Leigh Cook

Question 6:
What role did Robert van der Linden play in the movie Tempo?
The Musician
The Conductor
George Maldonado

Question 7:
Who played George Maldonado the movie Tempo?
Carlo d'Orlando
Art Malik
Szilárd Vass
Ulrich Thomsen

Question 8:
Who played Sylvie the movie Tempo?
Tova Magnusson-Norling
Michaela Blauensteiner
Melanie Griffith
Katrine Gislinge

Question 9:
Which of the following titles did Tempo have?
120 BPM tempo
Edwards E-AL-120 Scythe
120 to 12 Edition
120 In The Shade

Question 10:
What role did Jan Melchor play in the movie Tempo?
Bilist & Trompetist
Hotel Piccolo

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