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Temple of Athena Nike: Quiz


Question 1: The east frieze showed an assembly of the gods ________, Zeus and Poseidon, rendering Athenian religious beliefs and reverence for the gods bound up in the social and political climate of 5th Century Athens.
Greek mythologyDemeterAthenaGreece

Question 2: The Temple sits within the sanctuary of Athena Nike, atop a bastion on the south flank of the great stair to the ________.
DelphiAcropolis of AthensOlympia, GreeceAthens

Question 3: Fragments of the sculpted frieze are exhibited in the ________; copies of these are fixed in their place on the temple.
AthensAcropolis MuseumHellenic ParliamentNational Archaeological Museum, Athens

Question 4: The south freize showed the decisive victory over the Persians at the ________.
Second Persian invasion of GreeceGreco-Persian WarsBattle of PlataeaBattle of Mycale

Question 5: The friezes of the building's entablature were decorated on all sides with relief sculpture in the idealized classical style of the ________ B.C.
6th century8th century5th century4th century

Question 6: The Temple of Athena Nike is a tetrastyle (four column) Ionic structure with a colonnaded portico at both front and rear facades (amphiprostyle), designed by the ________ Kallikrates.
ArchitectConstructionArchitectural engineeringDesign-bid-build

Question 7: After three separate restorations the small Temple of Athena Nike/Apteros still stands on the Acropolis, together with the Erechtheum and the ________, a survivor of antiquity.
Ancient GreeceGreek templeParthenonAthens

Question 8: Nike means "Victory" in Greek, and Athena was worshiped in this form, as goddess of wisdom, on the Acropolis in ________, Greece.

Question 9: Greek architecture ________, 1968.
Encyclopædia BritannicaEncyclopediaWikipediaPropædia

Question 10: Her ________ was the earliest Ionic temple on the Acropolis, compensated by its prominent position on a steep bastion at the south west corner of the Acropolis to the right of the entrance (propylaea).
TempleJudaismJoseph Smith, Jr.Temple (Latter Day Saints)


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