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Temple of Artemis: Quiz


Question 1: The temple appears multiple times in ________ accounts of Ephesus.
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 2: There were previous temples on its site, where evidence of a sanctuary dates as early as the ________.
Ancient Near EastBronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury cultureBronze Age

Question 3: Though the monument was one of the ________, only foundations and sculptural fragments of the temple remain.
Mausoleum of HalicarnassusWonders of the WorldSeven Wonders of the Ancient WorldTemple of Artemis

Question 4: Callimachus, in his Hymn to Artemis, attributed the origin of the temenos at Ephesus to the ________, whose worship he imagines already centered upon an image.
AmazonsGreek mythologyTrojan WarAlexander the Great

Question 5: ________ was a Greek Goddess, the virginal huntress and twin of Apollo, who supplanted the Titan Selene as goddess of the Moon.
Greek mythologyArtemisHephaestusHera

Question 6: [12] The ________ temple at Ephesus was the earliest example of a peripteral type on the coast of Asia Minor, and perhaps the earliest Greek temple surrounded by colonnades anywhere.
Index of architecture articlesGlossary of architectureVault (architecture)English Gothic architecture

Question 7: At ________, a goddess whom the Greeks associated with Artemis was passionately venerated in an archaic, certainly pre-Hellenic cult image[2] that was carved of wood and kept decorated with jewelry.

Question 8: It was a 120-year project, initially designed and built by the Cretan architect Chersiphron and his son Metagenes, at the expense of ________ of Lydia.
DelphiCroesusCyrus the GreatSolon

Question 9: In the flood debris were the remains of a carved ivory plaque of a griffin and the ________, apparently North Syrian.
Tree worshipWorld treeMesoamerican world treeTree of life

Question 10: He states with certainty that it antedated the Ionic immigration by many years, being older even than the oracular shrine of Apollo at ________.
DidymaEphesusGreek templeDelphi

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