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Question 1:
Who wrote Temple Grandin (film)?
B. Edwards Jr., C. Stewart, J. Johnson, R. Green Jr.
S. Johnson, C. Miller, K. Thornton, H. Rooney
Merritt Johnson
Odie Hawkins and Charles Eric Johnson

Question 2:
Who of the following starred in Temple Grandin (film)?

Question 3:
What network screens Temple Grandin (film)?

Question 4:
What company distributed Temple Grandin (film)?

Question 5:
Who did the editing for Temple Grandin (film)?
Charles Chaplin
Jennifer Jean Cacavas
Pedro Marques
Leo Trombetta

Question 6:
Who of these people produced Temple Grandin (film)?
Glenn Frey,
Scott Ferguson
Janet Jackson, Jellybean Johnson
Robert Z. Leonard

Question 7:
Where does Temple Grandin (film) come from?
brought from Germany, started officially in United States
United States & Sweden
United States, Canada, Australia,
United States

Question 8: Temple Grandin is a 2010 biopic directed by Mick Jackson and starring ________ as Temple Grandin, a woman with autism who has become one of the top scientists in humane livestock handling.
Angela LansburyClaire DanesJane Seymour (actress)Anna Paquin

Question 9: At this time, science classified autism as a form of schizophrenia, blaming mothers' as the cause for the disorder claiming that they were cold and brutal to their autistic child, calling them "________".
Refrigerator motherPervasive developmental disorderBernard RimlandAsperger syndrome

Question 10: As a teenager, Temple often visited her ________ cattle ranch during the summer.


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