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Temperature: Quiz


Question 1: Particles with different mass have different velocity distributions, but the average kinetic energy is the same because of the ________.
EntropyIdeal gas lawVan der Waals equationStatistical mechanics

Question 2: In statistical physics, it is shown that the thermodynamic definition of temperature can be interpreted as a measure of the average energy in each degree of freedom of the particles in the ________.
HeatThermodynamicsEnthalpyThermodynamic system

Question 3: In the case of a monoatomic gas, the ________ is:
Special relativityClassical mechanicsMass–energy equivalenceKinetic energy

Question 4: By definition, absolute zero is a temperature of precisely 0 ________ (−273.15 °C or −459.68 °F).
Rankine scaleThermodynamic temperatureSecondKelvin

Question 5: Temperature is an intensive property of a system, meaning that it does not depend on the system size, the amount or type of material in the system, the same as for the pressure and ________.

Question 6: A thermometer far away from the Solar system still receives ________.
Cosmic microwave background radiationAtacama Cosmology TelescopeSunyaev-Zel'dovich effectVery Small Array

Question 7: At absolute zero, matter contains no ________.
Internal energyThermodynamic potentialGibbs free energyEntropy

Question 8: However, for some systems and specific definitions of temperature, it is possible to obtain a ________, which is numerically less than absolute zero.
AtomPhysicsEntropyNegative temperature

Question 9: One application of this effect is the incandescent light bulb, in which a tungsten filament is ________ heated to a temperature at which significant quantities of visible light are emitted.
Electric currentElectric chargeElectricityElectromagnetism

Question 10: A heat engine is a device for converting heat into mechanical work and analysis of the ________ provides the necessary relationships.
Nicolas Léonard Sadi CarnotCarnot cycleCarnot heat engineEntropy


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