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Telomerase: Quiz


Question 1: That is to say, the cell has an activated telomerase, eliminating the process of death by chromosome instability or loss, absence of apoptosis-induction pathways, and continued activation of ________.
MeiosisMitosisCell cyclePreprophase

Question 2: Because telomerase is necessary for the immortality of so many cancer types, it is thought to be a potential ________ target.
MDMAPhencyclidineDrugPsychoactive drug

Question 3: The high resolution ________ of the Tribolium castaneum catalytic subunit of telomerase TERT was decoded in 2008 by Emmanuel Skordalakes and his team at The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia.
X-ray crystallographyProtein structureProtein structure predictionProtein folding

Question 4: This temporarily solves the problem of lacking telomeres; but, during anaphase of cell division, the fused chromosomes are randomly ripped apart, causing many ________ and chromosomal abnormalities.
SpeciationEvolutionPopulation geneticsMutation

Question 5: Telomerase was discovered by Carol W. Greider and ________ in 1985 in the ciliate Tetrahymena.
Oliver SmithiesJack W. SzostakElizabeth BlackburnAda Yonath

Question 6: ________ is currently conducting four human clinical trials involving telomerase inhibition and telomerase vaccination.
Merck & Co.SenescenceBiotechnologyGeron Corporation

Question 7: A good example of cancer cells' immortality is ________, which have been used in laboratories as a model cell line since 1951.
Henrietta LacksCell cultureChromosomeHeLa

Question 8: TERT polypeptide folds with TERC, a ________ (451 nucleotides long in human).
DNAMessenger RNANon-coding RNASmall nucleolar RNA

Question 9: [15] These include Werner syndrome, ________, Bloom syndrome, Fanconi anemia, Nijmegen breakage syndrome, and ataxia telangiectasia-like disorder.
AdrenoleukodystrophyMultiple sclerosisAtaxia telangiectasiaHuntington's disease

Question 10: This timeline is significant because it coincides with the retirement of ________ in the United States and Europe.
Baby Boom GenerationGeneration YGenerationJohn F. Kennedy

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