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Television studio: Quiz


Question 1: These rooms are connected via ________, and personnel will be divided among these workplaces.
Walkie-talkieTelephoneIntercomCategory 5 cable

Question 2: A television studio is an installation in which television or video productions take place, either for ________, for recording live to tape, or for the acquisition of raw footage for postproduction.
NBCBroadcast delayLive televisionSoap opera

Question 3: a small ________ system for communication
Public addressEqualizationSound reinforcement systemInstrument amplifier

Question 4: An audio ________ and other audio equipment such as effects devices
Digital audio editorSynthesizerSound recording and reproductionMixing console

Question 5: Possibly a ________ operator, especially if this is a news broadcast
TelevisionPersonal computerTeleprompterCamelCase

Question 6: One or more camera operators who operate the ________, though in some instances these can also be operated from PCR using remote heads.
CamcorderFernsehBetacamProfessional video camera

Question 7: A ________ or floor manager, who has overall charge of the studio area, and who relays timing and other information from the director.
Electrician (theatre)Technical directorStage managementCarpenter (theatre)


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