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Television network: Quiz


Question 1: Smaller television systems, such as A and ________ also function as mini-networks.
CITY-TVCitytvCKEM-TVOmni Television

Question 2: The ________ network, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation was launched on October 9, 1986.
Fox Entertainment GroupPublic Broadcasting ServiceFox Broadcasting CompanyThe WB Television Network

Question 3: Gradually, each of these stations adopted a single national schedule, forming the ________ Network.

Question 4: Unlike the US where networks get programmes from various production houses, the two largest networks in the Philippines produce all their primetime programmes except for ________.
TelenovelaDramaFeverKorean waveKorean drama

Question 5: In the 2006–2007 television season, ________ was launched by the merger of The WB Television Network and the UPN network.
Prime Time Entertainment NetworkThe CW Television NetworkCBS2006 United States broadcast TV realignment

Question 6: The ABC operates eight stations as part of its main network ________, one for each state and territory, as well as two digital only channels, ABC2 and ABC3.
ABC HD (Australia)ABC Kids ChannelABC TelevisionABC1

Question 7: By 1949 the networks reached as far west as the ________, and by 1951, the four networks stretched coast to coast, carried on the new microwave radio relay network of AT&T Long Lines.
Mississippi RiverLouisianaMinnesotaIowa

Question 8: A television network is a distribution network for ________ content whereby a central operation provides programming for many television stations.
Closed captioningMechanical televisionVideoTelevision

Question 9: Researchers at the AT&T subsidiary ________ patented coaxial cable in 1929, primarily as a telephone improvement device.
Bell SystemWestern ElectricAmerican Telephone & TelegraphBell Labs

Question 10: the ________, NBC or CBS) evolved from earlier radio networks.
BBCNorwegian Broadcasting CorporationRaidió Teilifís ÉireannTG4

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