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Television in Australia: Quiz


Question 1: Regional network ________ broadcasts State Focus, a regional current affairs program, afterwards.
Southern Cross TenWIN TelevisionSouthern Cross TelevisionPrime Television

Question 2: ________ technology was still in its infancy when Australian television was launched in 1956 and video recorders did not become widely available to Australian TV stations until the 1960s.
BetacamVideotapeVideo tape recorderQuadruplex videotape

Question 3: ________ consists of independently-owned networks 'affiliated' to metropolitan stations.
Southern Cross TelevisionRegional television in AustraliaWIN TelevisionPrime Television

Question 4: Ratings are collected for 40 weeks during the year, excluding a two-week break during ________ and ten weeks over summer.
ComputusJesusEasterLiturgical year

Question 5: One exception to this rule are subscription channels, which always run on ________ regardless of the local service or timezone.
Time in New ZealandTime zoneDaylight saving timeTime in Australia

Question 6: TransACT is only available in the city of ________, where a custom cable network was developed.
MelbourneCanberraSydneyDarwin, Northern Territory

Question 7: WIN Television produces 20 bulletins in parts of ________, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.
New South WalesAustralian Capital TerritoryTasmaniaVictoria (Australia)

Question 8: Higher ratings for earlier bulletins from commercial broadcasters including the Seven Network, Nine Network, and ________ have prompted fierce ratings competition.
One (TV channel)Network TenWIN TelevisionTen HD

Question 9: Prime Television produces news updates throughout regional New South Wales and Victoria, with sister-network GWN producing ________ for Western Australia.
Golden West NetworkWIN TelevisionPrime HDWestlink Network

Question 10: In 1977 the Victorian Football League Grand Final was shown live to ________ viewers for the first time.
Darwin, Northern TerritorySydneyMelbourne City CentreMelbourne


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