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Question 1: The longest elements, located in the "back" of the antenna form a ________ phased array.
High frequencyUltra high frequencyL bandVery high frequency

Question 2: Putting an antenna indoors significantly decrease its performance; however, within short distances of the ________, this setup will likely work to a satisfactory level.
Amateur radioBroadcast engineeringRadioTransmitter

Question 3: Other long elements may be ________ reflectors [4] Another common aerial antenna element is the corner reflector, a type of UHF reflector which increases gain and directionality for UHF frequencies.
Ultra high frequencyMicrowaveL bandVery high frequency

Question 4: To cover this range antennas generally consist of multiple conductors of different lengths which correspond to the ________ it is intended to receive.
Electromagnetic radiationWavelengthDiffractionLight

Question 5: The smallest elements in this design, located in the "front", are ________ director elements, which are usually identical and give the antenna its directionality, as well as improving gain.
MicrowaveL bandVery high frequencyUltra high frequency

Question 6: A television antenna, or TV aerial, is an antenna specifically designed for the reception of over the air ________ signals, which range from 54 to 698 megahertz in the United States (with low power TV extending to 806 megahertz).
Terrestrial televisionBroadcast television systemsSatellite televisionATSC (standards)

Question 7: [1] These frequencies lie in the VHF to ________ spectrum.
MicrowaveVery high frequencyUltra high frequencyL band

Question 8: The actual length of the ears is optimally about 91% of half the wavelength in ________.
Electromagnetic radiationFree spaceMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equations

Question 9: This is nothing more than a ________ tool.
Business marketingMarketingAdvertisingMarketing management

Question 10: The longer elements for picking up VHF frequencies are in the "back" of the antenna, relative to the device's directionality, and the much shorter ________ elements are in the "front", and the antenna works best when "pointing" to the source of the signal to be received.
Ultra high frequencyL bandVery high frequencyMicrowave


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