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Teleportation: Quiz


Question 1: Kefitzat Haderech, ________ notion of supernatural transportation.
Biblical HebrewMishnaic HebrewHebrew languageSamaritan Hebrew language

Question 2: Interstellar teleporter, a hypothetical technology appearing in ________.
CyberpunkScience fiction fandomAlternate historyScience fiction

Question 3: Teleportation has been widely utilized in works of ________.
CyberpunkScience fictionAlternate historyScience fiction fandom

Question 4: The concept of a wormhole is used extensively in the television show ________.
Jack O'NeillStargate SG-1Stargate AtlantisStargate

Question 5: Its mechanism is also used in theories about ________.
SpacetimeTime travelCausalityFuture

Question 6: Wormhole is a hypothetical shortcut through space and time, that allows transit ________, while avoiding the problems posed by the uncertainty principle and potential signal interference.
Quantum mechanicsTime travelFaster-than-lightGeneral relativity

Question 7: One means of teleportation proposed in fiction (e.g., The Fly, ________) is the transmission of data which is used to precisely reconstruct an object or organism at its destination.
Star Trek: Deep Space NineStar TrekStar Trek: The Original SeriesStar Trek: The Next Generation

Question 8: This kind of topological shortcut would eliminate many probable objections to teleportation on religious or philosophical grounds, as they preserve the original subject intact — and thus continuity of ________.

Question 9: The word "teleportation" was coined in 1931[1][2] by American writer ________ to describe the strange disappearances and appearances of anomalies, which he suggested may be connected.
MediumshipCharles FortCryptozoologyParanormal

Question 10: Teleportation is the transfer of ________ from one point to another, more or less instantaneously.


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