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Tehsil: Quiz


Question 1: Generally, a tehsil consists of a ________ or town that serves as its headquarters, possibly additional towns, and a number of villages.
CityMunicipalityIndependent cityCounty

Question 2: In Pakistan, the term tehsil is generally used except in ________ where the term taluka (Urdu: تعلقه) predominates e.g.
Hyderabad, SindhKarachiSindhPunjab (Pakistan)

Question 3:
Tehsil, Hookah and Bungalow are all:
Indian feudalism Hindi words and phrases Urdu words and phrases Tehsils of Pakistan

Question 4: In the ________, tehsil has the same meaning as explained above except for Malakand Division.
North-West Frontier ProvincePeshawarPunjab (Pakistan)Pakistan

Question 5: In Malakand Division, a ________ (Zila/Zilah) has two or more Subdivisions and a Subdivision has two or more Tehsils.
ProvinceDistrictMunicipalityIndependent city

Question 6: As an entity of ________, it exercises certain fiscal and administrative power over the villages and municipalities within its jurisdiction.
FranceProvinceUnited KingdomLocal government

Question 7: A tehsil (Hindi: तहसील, Urdu: تحصیل; also known as tahsil, tahasil, taluka, taluk, taluq, and mandal) is an administrative division of some countries of ________.
South AsiaPunjabi languageIndiaBrāhmī script

Question 8: However, India and Pakistan have two (or more, at least in parts of India) intermediate levels of hierarchy—the ________ and the tehsil, both of which are sometimes glossed as county.
Independent cityMunicipalityProvinceDistrict

Question 9: ________ used to have taluks (with Firkas under them), but these have now been replaced with mandals.
MaharashtraTelanganaAndhra PradeshHyderabad, India

Question 10:
Tehsil, Tehsildar and Ghotki are all:
Urdu words and phrases Tehsils of Pakistan Indian feudalism Hindi words and phrases


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