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Tectonics: Quiz


Question 1: Tectonics is closely related to ________.
Structural geologySedimentary rockMiningEngineering geology

Question 2: Tectonic studies are also important for understanding ________ patterns in geomorphology and as guides for the economic geologist searching for petroleum and metallic ores.
Mouth barErosionRiver deltaDune

Question 3: Since the 1960s, ________ has become by far the dominant theory to explain the origin and forces responsible for the tectonic features of the continents and ocean basins.
EarthGeologyPlate tectonicsNorth American Plate

Question 4: Tectonics is concerned with the orogenies and tectonic development of cratons and tectonic terranes as well as the ________ and volcanic belts which directly affect much of the global population.
LandslideGeotechnical engineeringS-waveEarthquake


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