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Technology during World War II: Quiz


Question 1: The German U-boats were used primarily for stopping/destroying the resources from the United States and ________ coming across the Atlantic.
BarbadosUnited KingdomBelizeCanada

Question 2: ________ continued to develop for ships' guns and came into use for torpedoes and anti-aircraft fire.
Anti-aircraft warfareFire-control systemTorpedo Data ComputerShip gun fire-control systems

Question 3: Wernher Von Braun led the V-2 development team and later emigrated to the United States where he contributed to the development of the ________ rocket, which took men to the moon in 1969.
Saturn INT-21Saturn VSaturn IBSaturn I

Question 4: When they left Germany, the only significant atomic physicist left in Germany was ________, who dragged his feet on the project.
German nuclear energy projectWerner HeisenbergWalther BotheEnrico Fermi

Question 5: For the Germans it was the development of alternative fuels as in ________ - which would be a forerunner to the development of fuel-cell technology and synthetic fuel technology.
AntisepticHydrogen peroxideEthanolChlorhexidine

Question 6: Developments in machine gun technology culminated in the Maschinengewehr 42 (________) which was of an advanced design unmatched at the time.
Karabiner 98kMG 34MG 42FG 42

Question 7: This later led to the development of the ________ (ICBM).
Air-to-air missileAnti-tank guided missileIntercontinental ballistic missileAnti-ballistic missile

Question 8: The United States military meshed the operating system of the FG 42 with the belt feed system of the MG42 to create the ________ used in the Vietnam War.
M2 Browning machine gunM240 machine gunM16 rifleM60 machine gun

Question 9: Additionally, equipment designed for ________ and the interception of those communications was becoming critical.
Social sciencesMicrobiologyCommunicationScientific method

Question 10: The US center for basic radar development was the ________ Radiation Laboratory.
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHarvard UniversityBoston UniversityNortheastern University


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