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Technological and industrial history of the United States: Quiz


Question 1: Recognizing the success of ________ in unifying that empire, political and business leaders in the United States began to construct roads and canals to connect the disparate parts of the nation.
Via EgnatiaRoman roadsRoman EmpireAncient Rome

Question 2: In 1908, the ________ released the Model T which could generate 20 horsepower, was lightweight, and easy to repair.
Ford Focus (international)Ford FairmontVauxhall MotorsFord Motor Company

Question 3: ________ — Invented the revolver, the first repeating pistol
FloridaUnited StatesBostonSamuel Colt

Question 4: Expendable rockets provided the means for launching artificial satellites, as well as ________.
Space explorationSpace RaceIranian Space AgencyHuman spaceflight

Question 5: Morse established the first telegraph line (between Baltimore and ________) in 1844 and by 1849 almost every state east of the Mississippi had telegraph service.
Phoenix, ArizonaBostonAtlantaWashington, D.C.

Question 6: The new plant was a model of industrial efficiency for the time: it was well-lit and ventilated, employed ________ to move parts along an assembly line, and workers' stations were orderly arranged along the line.
Conveyor (disambiguation)Conveyor beltConveyor systemChain conveyor

Question 7: These immigrants and other European colonists initially farmed subsistence crops like corn, wheat, rye, oats as well as rendering potash and ________ for trade.
Maple syrupHigh-fructose corn syrupGrapefruitSweet potato

Question 8: In 1789, the widow of Nathanael Greene recruited ________ to develop a machine to separate the seeds of short fibered cotton from the fibers.
New Haven, ConnecticutLouis de TousardEli Whitney, Jr.American Civil War

Question 9: ________ pioneered the study of electricity by being the first to describe positive and negative charges,[33] as well as advancing the principle of conservation of charge.
Thomas MifflinBenjamin FranklinJohn AdamsThomas Jefferson

Question 10: The Blackstone Canal, (1823-1828) soon followed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and later the Illinois and Michigan Canal from ________ to the Illinois River (1824-1848).
Blue Island, IllinoisElmhurst, IllinoisChicagoBurr Ridge, Illinois


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