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Technetium: Quiz


Question 1: For some reactions, for example the dehydrogenation of ________, it is a far more effective catalyst than either rhenium or palladium.
Hydrogen peroxideEthanolIsopropyl alcoholPropan-1-ol

Question 2: There is also evidence that the Oklo ________ produced significant amounts of technetium-99, which has since decayed into ruthenium-99.
UraniumNuclear fission productNatural nuclear fission reactorNuclear reactor technology

Question 3: [18] The crystal structure of the pure metal is hexagonal ________.
Close-packing of spheresGeometryKepler conjectureSphere packing

Question 4: Long-lived technetium isotopes produced commercially are by-products of fission of uranium-235 in ________ and are extracted from nuclear fuel rods.
PlutoniumNuclear reactor technologyLight water reactorNuclear power

Question 5: [6] The group bombarded columbite with a beam of electrons and deduced element 43 was present by examining ________ diffraction spectrograms.
Nuclear fusionIonizing radiationX-rayRadiation therapy

Question 6: This evidence was used to bolster the then-unproven theory that stars are where ________ of the heavier elements occurs.
NucleosynthesisNuclear fusionBeta decayAlpha decay

Question 7: [12] In mid-1936, Segrè visited the United States, first ________ in New York and then the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.
Cornell UniversityRutgers UniversityNew York UniversityColumbia University

Question 8: [23] Unlike manganese, technetium does not readily form ________ (ions with a net positive charge).
IonLithium-ion batteryElectrolyteHalf cell

Question 9: Under oxidizing conditions, which tend to strip electrons from atoms, technetium(VII) will exist as the pertechnetate ________, TcO4.
ElectrolyteHalf cellIonLithium-ion battery

Question 10: Chemistry in its element podcast (MP3) from the ________'s Chemistry World: Technetium
Analytical chemistryRoyal Society of ChemistryCyril Norman HinshelwoodDerek Barton

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