Team orders: Quiz

Question 1: ________ would go on to ironically win the title from Massa by one point anyway.
Fernando AlonsoJenson ButtonLewis HamiltonMcLaren

Question 2: In the early years of the ________ it was even legal for a driver to give up his car during the race to the team leader if his car had broken down.
Formula One2010 Formula One season2009 Formula One seasonMichael Schumacher

Question 3: [1] Similar orders were issued at the 1982 San Marino Grand Prix but ________ ignored them and overtook Gilles Villeneuve, causing an intense argument between the two.
Jan LammersDidier PironiMichele AlboretoJochen Mass

Question 4: The most notorious incident was at the ________ where Rubens Barrichello was ordered to allow Ferrari teammate Michael Schumacher to pass at in order to obtain the win.
2002 Canadian Grand Prix2002 Australian Grand Prix2002 Austrian Grand Prix2002 British Grand Prix

Question 5: This happened at the ________, when Ralf Schumacher was ordered not to overtake Damon Hill, in order to assure Jordan of a 1-2 finish.
1998 Austrian Grand Prix1998 Belgian Grand Prix1998 British Grand Prix1998 Luxembourg Grand Prix

Question 6: In the late 1990s incidents of team orders began to be reported more prominently by the media and public opinion began to turn against them (See the ________ and the 1998 Australian Grand Prix).
1997 Argentine Grand Prix1997 Australian Grand Prix1997 European Grand Prix1997 Spanish Grand Prix

Question 7: Prime examples of this are the team orders issued by ________ teams to their drivers.
2009 Formula One seasonFormula OneMichael Schumacher2010 Formula One season

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