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Taxonomic rank: Quiz


Question 1: Of these many ranks, the most basic is ________.
LifeSpeciesEvolutionBiological classification

Question 2: There are seven main taxonomic ranks: kingdom, phylum or division1, class, order, family, genus, ________.
EvolutionBiological classificationLifeSpecies

Question 3: In his landmark publications, such as the Systema Naturae, ________ used a ranking scale limited to: empire, kingdom, class, order, genus, species, and one lower rank, below species.
Carl LinnaeusBiologyCharles DarwinBotany

Question 4: macrocarpon, snow pea), with cultivated plants getting a ________ name (for example, Pisum sativum var.
Genera PlantarumCultivarBotanical nameCultigen

Question 5: For example, the ________ "homo" has the genitive "hominis", thus the genus "Homo" (human) is in the Hominidae, not "Homidae".
Old LatinLatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire

Question 6: The most basic rank is that of species, the next most important is ________, and then family.
Class (biology)GenusLifeBiological classification

Question 7: A species (a taxon at the rank of species) gets a name composed of two names (a binominal name or binomen : generic name + specific name; for example ________, the lion).
LionSpotted HyenaTigerCheetah

Question 8: The next most important rank is that of ________: if an organism is given a species name it will at the same time be assigned to a genus, as the genus name is part of the species name.
Biological classificationClass (biology)LifeGenus

Question 9: For example, the zoological name for the ________ species is Homo sapiens: this is usually italicized in print (and underlined when italics are not available).
Human evolutionHumanHominidaeMind

Question 10: In ________, rank is the level (the relative position) in a taxonomic hierarchy.
FungusBiological classificationAnimalPlant


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