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Taxon: Quiz


Question 1: This has given rise to phylogenetic taxonomy and the ongoing development of the ________, which is to govern the application of names to clades.
PhylogeneticsPhyloCodeDNA barcodingCladistics

Question 2: "Phylum" applies formally to any biological domain, but traditionally it was always used for animals, whereas "Division" was traditionally often used for ________, fungi, etc.
Flowering plantArchaeplastidaRed algaePlant

Question 3: Today it is common to define a good taxon as one that reflects presumptive evolutionary (________) relationships.
PhylogeneticsComputational phylogeneticsCladeGhost lineage

Question 4: For example, ________ have been grouped, in various systems of classification, as a family, order, class, or division (phylum).
MarchantiophytaFernMossFlowering plant

Question 5: [1] A famous example of a widely accepted taxon that is not also a clade is the "________".

Question 6: They generally do not refer to taxa as their basic unit, but to "________", a clade being a special form of taxon.
Computational phylogeneticsPhylogeneticsGhost lineageClade

Question 7: A taxon (plural: taxa) is a group of (one or more) organisms, which a ________ adjudges to be a unit.
Folk taxonomyMilitary taxonomyTaxonomyBiological classification

Question 8: However, even in traditional nomenclature, few taxonomists of our time would establish new taxa that they know to be ________.
CladeCladisticsDNA barcodingParaphyly

Question 9: Advocates of phylogenetic nomenclature, using ________ methods, do require taxa to be monophyletic, consisting of all descendants of some ancestor.
PhylogeneticsCladeCladisticsComputational phylogenetics


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