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Taxation in Germany: Quiz


Question 1: Germany has reached Tax treaty with about 90 countries to avoid double taxation (________).
Russian Tax CodeInternational taxationValue added taxTax haven

Question 2: Sole proprietorships and ________ are not subject to corporation tax: profits earned by these set-ups are attributed to their individual partners and then taxed in the context of their personal income tax bills.
Limited partnershipCompanies lawBusinessPartnership

Question 3: Tax revenue is distributed to ________’s three levels of government the Federation, the States and the Municipalities.

Question 4: In Germany there is no special ________.
Capital gains taxTax havenTax rates around the worldValue added tax

Question 5: The German word for tax is die Steuer which originates from the ________ word stiura meaning help.
Old High GermanProto-GermanicMiddle High GermanOld English

Question 6: Anyone exclusively earning income that is subject to ________ deducted at source does not have to file an income tax return: their tax debt is deemed settled on payment of the withholding tax.
Offshore bankWithholding taxEuropean Union withholding taxInternational taxation

Question 7: A declining depreciation for movable ________ has been reintroduced for two years.
AssetValuation (finance)Cash flow statementBalance sheet

Question 8: It should not be confused with the word das Steuer, which means ________ or helm.
AutomobileSteeringSuspension (vehicle)Direct-Shift Gearbox

Question 9: The Federation, the States and the Municipalities are all jointly entitled to the most important types of tax (value-added tax and ________), which for this reason are also known as “shared taxes”.
Progressive taxTax havenPayroll taxIncome tax

Question 10: Corporation tax is charged first and foremost on corporate enterprises, in particular public and private limited companies, as well as other ________ such as e.g.
Companies lawCorporate lawCompanyCorporation


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