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Tax reform: Quiz


Question 1: The President's Advisory Panel for Federal Tax Reform's major push was for the removal of the ________.
Taxation in the United StatesFairTaxCapital gains tax in the United StatesAlternative Minimum Tax

Question 2: Several organizations are working for tax reform in the United States including ________ and Americans For Fair Taxation.
Dick GephardtGrover NorquistArlen SpecterAmericans for Tax Reform

Question 3: Tax reform is the process of changing the way taxes are collected or managed by the ________.

Question 4: ________ claims that various forms of land tax can both deal with externalities and improve productivity.
Neoclassical economicsKeynesian economicsMercantilismGeorgism

Question 5: President ________ led 12,950 troops to western Pennsylvania to put down the rebellion.
George WashingtonAlexander HamiltonUlysses S. GrantDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 6: Many organizations have been set up to reform tax systems worldwide, often with the intent to reform ________ or Value Added Taxes into something considered more economically liberal.
Progressive taxIncome taxPayroll taxTax haven

Question 7: Other propose tax systems that attempt to deal with ________.
Public goodEnvironmental economicsEconomicsExternality

Question 8: As the United States was still being formed, the ________ of 1794 may be considered to be the first effort for tax reform in the United States.
American Civil WarWhiskey RebellionAmerican Revolutionary WarAmerican Indian Wars

Question 9: There have been many movements in the ________ to reform the collection and management of taxes.
AlaskaPhilippinesUnited StatesCanada


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