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Question 1: The term is also an allusion to the ________ of the US Constitution.
United States ConstitutionSixteenth Amendment to the United States ConstitutionSecond Amendment to the United States ConstitutionTaxing and Spending Clause

Question 2: There are other options that exist: high taxes and low spending leads to a budget surplus, while low taxes and high spending leads to a ________.
Economic policyFiscal policyDeficitGovernment debt

Question 3: It is most often used by political opponents to describe the economic approach of ________-leaning systems of government.
MarxismSocialist stateSocialismKarl Marx

Question 4: Tax and Spend is an economic-political term for raising the ________ in an economy so that more can be spent on state-provided services (public services).
Tax incidenceValue added taxTax policyTariff

Question 5: (According to Krock, the "sinister combination" was Roosevelt, Hopkins, United States Postmaster General James Farley, and New Jersey Democratic political boss ________.)
Bret SchundlerFrank HagueThomas F. X. SmithL. Harvey Smith

Question 6: One such argument comes from ________, which argues that in a fiat money system, fiat money must first be printed and spent by the state before it can be collected in taxation.
ChartalismDeficit spendingJohn Maynard KeynesKeynesian economics


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