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Question 1: [26] A common presentation of this view, paraphrasing various statements by ________ is "Taxes are the price of civilization".
Richard PosnerRobert BorkOliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.Learned Hand

Question 2: Its modern derivatives, stamp duty reserve tax and ________, are respectively charged on transactions involving securities and land.
HM Revenue and CustomsStamp duty in the United KingdomBusiness rates in England and WalesTaxation in the United Kingdom

Question 3: Additionally, progressive taxation can be used to reduce ________ in a society.
EconomicsCapitalismInternational inequalityEconomic inequality

Question 4: According to ________, "society as a whole" should not make such decisions, due to methodological individualism.
Ludwig von MisesMurray RothbardLew RockwellFriedrich von Hayek

Question 5: Partly to compensate for such changes in the value of money over time, some jurisdictions, such as the ________, give a favorable capital gains tax rate based on the length of holding.
United StatesAlaskaPhilippinesCanada

Question 6: According to most ________, taxes are justified as they fund activities that are necessary and beneficial to society.
David HumeUtilitarianismPolitical philosophyJustice

Question 7: A ________ is a tax placed on a specific type (or types) of financial transaction for a specific purpose (or purposes).
Currency transaction taxSpahn taxFinancial transaction taxTobin tax

Question 8: This term has been most commonly associated with the financial sector, as opposed to ________ paid by consumers.
Consumption taxProgressive taxLand value taxGovernment debt

Question 9: Compulsory taxation of individuals, such as ________, is often justified on grounds including territorial sovereignty, and the social contract.
Tax havenPayroll taxIncome taxProgressive tax

Question 10: The most significant Expatriation Tax is one found in the ________.
United StatesAlaskaPhilippinesCanada

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