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Tawse: Quiz


Question 1: Some Scottish independent schools also used the tawse, such as Keil School, but others such as ________ used the cane instead, in the way of most schools in England.
ScotlandEdinburghTony BlairFettes College

Question 2: The tawse was also used for ________ in Scotland as an alternative to the more usual birch.
GuyanaJudicial corporal punishmentMaldivesMalaysia

Question 3: A tawse, sometimes formerly spelled taws (the plural of Scots taw, a thong of a whip) is an implement for ________.
Judicial corporal punishmentFlagellationSchool corporal punishmentCorporal punishment

Question 4: A tawse consists of a strip of ________, with one end split into a number of tails.
WoolLeather skirtLeatherButton

Question 5: It was used for educational discipline, primarily in ________, but also in schools in the English cities of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead, Manchester and Walsall.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandWales

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