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Taweret: Quiz


Question 1: She was seen as concubine rather than wife, as Set already was married to the extremely different goddess, ________, to whom no parallels could be drawn.
Ancient Egyptian religionSet (mythology)AnubisNephthys

Question 2: As the goddess of motherhood, Taweret was eventually assimilated into the identity of ________, the great-mother goddess.
HathorEgyptian pantheonMutRa

Question 3: [7] Pregnant women wore ________ with her name or likeness to protect their pregnancies.
SacramentalsRosaryAmuletHoly water

Question 4: In ________, Taweret (also spelled Taurt, Tuat, Taueret, Tuart, Ta-weret, Tawaret, and Taueret, and in Greek, Θουέρις "Thoeris" and Toeris) is the Egyptian Goddess of childbirth and fertility.
Prehistoric religionAncient Egyptian religionReligionSyncretism

Question 5: As the counterpart of Apep, who was always below the horizon, Taweret was seen as being the northern sky, the ________ roughly covering the area of present-day Draco, which always lies above the horizon.
CruxTaurus (constellation)ConstellationCanis Major

Question 6: Early during the ________, the Egyptians saw female hippopotami as less aggressive than the males, and began to view their aggression as only protecting their young--not territorial, as was male aggression.
Old KingdomEgypt (Roman province)Predynastic EgyptNew Kingdom


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