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Question 1: The Tausūg people in Sabah refer to themselves as Tausūg but refers to their race as Suluk as documented in official documents such as birth certificates in Sabah, ________.
MalaysiaPhilippinesSingaporePapua New Guinea

Question 2: Before the coming of the Spaniards, the ethnic groups in Sulu—the Tausug, Samal, Yakan, and ________--were in varying degrees united under the Sulu sultanate, considered the most centralized -political system in the Philippines.
Malaysian ChineseKadazanBajauTausūg

Question 3: Many leaders of the ________, a terrorist group operating in Mindanao, are of Tausūg descent.
Abu SayyafIslamic terrorismAl-QaedaTaliban

Question 4: The Tausūg presently populate the Filipino province of Sulu as a majority, and the provinces of Zamboanga del Sur, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi, ________, Cebu and Manila as minorities.
Puerto Princesa CityPalawanPhilippinesPangasinan

Question 5: "Proxy colonialism" was legalized by the Public Land Act of 1919, invalidating Tausūg pusaka (inherited property) laws based on the Islamic ________.
ShariaFiqhIslamic ethicsIslamic schools and branches

Question 6: Visayan,
other Moros,
other Filipino peoples,
other ________
TuvaluNew CaledoniaPalauAustronesian peoples

Question 7: There is a large population of Tausūgs in all parts of ________, Malaysia, who mainly work as construction laborers with a substantial number as skilled workers.
SabahTawauNorth BorneoKota Kinabalu

Question 8: The term Tausūg was derived from two words tau and sūg (or suluk) meaning "people of the current", referring to their homelands in the ________.
Moro peopleJoloSulu ArchipelagoPhilippines

Question 9: The Tausūg or Suluk people are an ethnic group of Sulu and ________.
PhilippinesMalaysiaSingaporePapua New Guinea

Question 10: Prior to modern times, the ________ for Tausūg was the head of the Tausūg people.
Sultanate of SuluHistory of the Philippines (900–1521)Kingdom of MaynilaHistory of the Philippines


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