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Question 1: Tatenen was the more ancient god, combined in the ________ with Ptah as Ptah-Tatenen, in their capacity as creator gods.
Old KingdomEgypt (Roman province)New KingdomPredynastic Egypt

Question 2: He was an androgynous protector of ________ from the Memphis area, then known as Men-nefer.
Natural environmentNatureEarthGeology

Question 3: Tatenen represented the ________ and was born in the moment it rose from the watery chaos,[1] analogous to the primeval mound of the benben and mastaba and the later pyramids.

Question 4: Ptah-Tatenen can be seen as father of the ________ of Hermopolis, the eight gods who themselves embody the primeval elements from before creation.
OgdoadThothGnosticismNu (mythology)

Question 5: [1] Some depictions show Tatenen with a green complexion (face and arms), as he had connections to ________ and a chthonic association with plants.
MasturbationPregnancyFertilitySexual intercourse

Question 6: He also had a magical mace dedicated to the ________, venerated as "The Great White of the Earth Creator".
American KestrelKestrelFalconCommon Kestrel

Question 7: [1][6] He also personified ________ (due to his associations with rebirth and the Nile) and was an aspect of the earth-god Geb, as a source of artistic inspiration,[7] as well as assisting the dead in their journey to the afterlife.

Question 8: Tatenen (also Ta-tenen, Tatjenen, Tathenen, Tanen, Tenen, Tanenu, and Tanuu) was the god of the primordial mound in ________.
Ancient Egyptian religionPrehistoric religionSyncretismReligion

Question 9: As a primeval ________ deity,[3] Tatenen was identified with creation.
Greek mythologyProtogenoiHadesChthonic

Question 10: His name means risen land[1] or exalted earth,[2] as well as refering to the silt of the ________.
AlexandriaNileAncient EgyptWhite Nile

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