Tate Britain: Quiz

Question 1: The boat is decorated with spots, based on paintings of similar appearance by ________.
Damien HirstTracey EminMark WallingerYoung British Artists

Question 2: Sketch for Hadleigh Castle by ________
John ConstableJ. M. W. TurnerWilliam BlakeSamuel Palmer

Question 3: Nocturne: Blue and Gold - Old Battersea Bridge by ________
Claude MonetWestern paintingImpressionismJames Abbott McNeill Whistler

Question 4: Tate Britain hosts the annual and usually controversial ________ exhibition, featuring four artists under the age of fifty, selected by a jury chaired by the director of Tate Britain.
Damien HirstStuckist demonstrationsTurner PrizeNicholas Serota

Question 5: Norham Castle, Sunrise by ________
John ConstableJean-Baptiste-Camille CorotJ. M. W. TurnerCaspar David Friedrich

Question 6: Tate Britain includes the Clore Gallery of 1987, designed by James Stirling, which houses work by ________.
Jean-Baptiste-Camille CorotJohn ConstableJ. M. W. TurnerCaspar David Friedrich

Question 7: Tate Britain and Tate Modern are now connected by a high speed boat along the ________, which runs from Millbank Millennium Pier immediately outside Tate Britain.
Henley-on-ThamesThames EstuaryTidewayRiver Thames

Question 8: The Golden Bough by ________
Caspar David FriedrichJohn ConstableJ. M. W. TurnerJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Question 9: Tate Britain is an art gallery situated on Millbank in ________, and part of the Tate gallery network in Britain, with Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives.

Question 10: Tate Britain is the national gallery of British ________ from 1500 to the present day.

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Tate_Britain)