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Tatars: Quiz


Question 1: In 16th century Nogais supported ________ and Ottoman Empire, but sometimes robbed Crimean, Tatar and Bashkir lands, although their rulers supported them.
KhazarsCrimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist RepublicCrimean KhanateGolden Horde

Question 2: From the 13th to 17th centuries various groups of Tatars settled and/or found refuge within the ________.
Early Middle AgesPolandPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthHigh Middle Ages

Question 3:
What is the population of Tatars?

Question 4:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Tatars?

Question 5:
Which of the following are related to Tatars?
Turkish people and other Turkic peoples
Azerbaijani people, Other Iranian people, other Turkic people
other Turkic peoples
Turkic peoples, Caucasian peoples, Iranian peoples.

Question 6: According to scholars who espouse this view, there was very little mixing with Mongol and Turkic aliens after the conquest of Volga Bulgaria, especially in the northern regions that ultimately became ________.
BashkortostanSakha RepublicTatarstanChuvashia

Question 7: Tatars who became ________ (border keepers) and converted to Russian Orthodoxy.
CossacksKuban CossacksZaporozhian CossacksBohdan Khmelnytsky

Question 8: After the Mongol invasion, Bulgaria was defeated, ruined and incorporated in the ________.
Golden HordeChagatai KhanateMongol EmpireIlkhanate

Question 9: Caucasus, especially ________ (since 19th century) - oil workers (1890s), bread tradesmen

Question 10: The Tatars had preserved their cultural identity and sustained a number of Tatar organisations, including a Tatar archives, and a museum in Wilno (________).


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